We ache for it- a connection to those we've lost in this life, answers to the bumps in the night, reasons and explanations for our dreams and what they mean. We are curious creatures, and we want to know about all the other beings out there and how they compare to us. Maybe what is more important is to understand how they impact our world and our lives, and learning to connect with and seek out those on the Otherside. They really are right there, and they are trying to communicate. We have to be open and willing to listen and hear.

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As a team, we want to find proof of the paranormal, proof that the Otherside is there and that we can interact with it. Out goals are to find real answers to paranormal happenings, whether they happen to be easily explained or have a more unusual cause. We use not only a medium to connect, but we use knowledge of regional folklore and Native American history along with a variety of scientific instruments to understand the lifetime of a location and the people who have lived and died within it. Just like you, we want the truth. We seek it out in many ways so that we gather all the evidence we are able to, and give our clients real answers about their paranormal issues.

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